A Perfect Sunset & Random Thoughts

imageTonight’s run was 5.3 miles.  Lots of hills and I’m feeling strong.  The cool October air really makes a difference!  I felt so good at the end of 5 miles I did 4 sets of fast strides in the parking lot.  I love when it all comes together and you feel like you are flying through the air.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all runs were like that?  I feel like a whole different person running at this time of year compared to the summer.

After the run I spent time working on core and strength.  I am seeing such a huge impact this has had on my running.  Back in March I was training for my first 50K when I started having pain and tightness behind my knee.  My training had gone well up until then, so I sought the advice of a physical therapist.  PT exercises and strictly cross training and lifting for a month.  I had never stuck to either of those things before, as much as I knew they were important to make a balanced runner.  All I wanted to do is run.  Now I’m feeling thankful for that injury because I actually grew to love lifting and cross training (mostly the stationary bike).   When I was cleared to run again, it was taper time…so I was a little nervous about the race.

It turned out all the cycling and lifting made me feel stronger, especially on the steep climbs.  Maybe stronger than I would have been otherwise!  So I have kept it up and haven’t regretted taking a little time off of running each week to stay strong and healthy.

I’ll do another more detailed post about my first 50K in the future because it was awesome!

Here’s to flying flying through the air and amazing sunsets!  Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by that perfect sky?

2 thoughts on “A Perfect Sunset & Random Thoughts

  1. Larry Jones October 11, 2016 / 10:04 pm

    I envy your running ability. As a sprinter, I was never able to make the transition to distance. Keep the blood pumping.


    • miles2go4u October 12, 2016 / 7:01 pm

      Thanks so much, Larry! I have always admired sprinters. It’s a completely different kind of pain!


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