Furry Running Buddy & My Favorite Post Run Snack

I started off my run today with this old pup, my best running buddy ever.  Irish is good for 1.5 miles lately, so that’s what we did together.  Then I ran more on my own.  There was a time when he could do 7 miles but he’s eleven now and slowing down. Whenever I get my running shoes on he knows what’s up!   By the end of our run, he’s lagging behind and I have to coax him along…but he loves every minute.  When we run by the farm that has two dogs he speeds up though.  Wouldn’t want to look like a wimp in front of your own kind!img_1760

After dropping the dog off I ran my favorite loop until I had 8.1 miles.  My legs are still sore from some kettle bell/squat exercise I did on Monday, but this run felt good.  Effortless even.  That’s always a great feeling!

The Altra Intuition 3.5’s are my favorite road shoe.  Wide toe box, zero drop platform, and just enough cushion for a smooth ride but still allowing me to feel the road beneath my feet.


After my run and stretching it was time for my favorite snack.  I highly recommend this combo.  Lots of good protein and many healthy benefits from the flax seed.  I keep these four ingredients on hand all the time.  It’s also often my morning snack at work, and sometimes even my breakfast!


What is your favorite post run snack?

What is your go-to running shoe?

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