Long Run Scenes of the PA Countryside

After a filling breakfast of chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes, I set out for a long easy paced run this afternoon.  I knew I wanted at least 12 miles and I figured I’d plan the ending on the way back.  I love this figure 8 loop I try to do for my long runs because I have so many favorite scenic views along the way.   I thought I’d share them with you, so here they are:

  1.  Mile 3:  One of my absolute favorite roads to run on because it’s shady and these brick walls always make me happy.



2.  Mile 4:  First evidence of fall colors starting to emerge!


3. Mile 5:  Always love this view of the the mountains in the background.img_2062


4.  Mile 6:  This handsome fella was waiting for me at the end of the road above.  What a poser!           img_2056

5.  Mile 8:  Love this view and can’t wait for the leaves to turn.img_2058

6.  Mile 10:  This hill.  And others like it to follow.  Not as bad as it looks really.  This is about where I made the decision to take an extra loop home to make it a 14 miler.img_2061

7.  Mile 11.5: Definitely farm country.img_2054

8.  Finished!  Legs felt a little tired the last mile or so but it was a great run!img_2068

When I came home I spent a few minutes stretching and doing some core work.  I have noticed a huge difference in my form over long miles because of the core exercises I started doing last spring.  I also refueled with my favorite combo of sweet potato, black bean, and salsa with a salad.

Total workouts this week:

Mon:  rest

Tues:  5.32 miles of hills @ 8:59 pace & lifting/core work at the gym

Wed:  rest (legs were sore from Tues kettle bell work!)

Thurs:  8.12 miles @ 9:16 pace

Fri:  3 easy @ 9:26 pace

Sat:  35 minute lifting at the gym, upper body and core.

Sun: 14 miles @ 9:29

I hope everyone had a great running and workout week!


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