Sometimes You Just Have to Get it Done

If all runs were magical, there would be no reward, right? No pain, no gain?  We need the yucky runs to appreciate the awesome ones.  Today was one of those runs.

I had to run at 3:30 today because of our evening plans, and of course it was unseasonably hot and humid.   The sun was beating down on me and I was uncomfortable most of the way.   I tossed the idea around of doing less than the planned 8 miles, but ended up sticking to the original plan and ran 4 out and back.  Out and backs are awesome because then you are kind of forced to do the entire mileage.  Committing halfway through a run can be a gamble, but think of all the strength you gain by working through tough times.

I started to realize my body wasn’t feeling too bad, I just wasn’t having fun because I couldn’t stop thinking about all the negative things (like feeling too hot!).  If you can’t get your brain on board, you need to change over to get it done mode! Or you could find something to distract you and make you happy.  Someone was doing their laundry and running past their house and inhaling that fresh laundry smell made me happy.  My new Altra Paradigms were feeling great and made me happy.  The walnut tree lined road that was shaded and fall-like, despite the temperature and humidity in the air, also made me happy.   Burning a decent amount of calories made me happy too!

I did carry a water bottle which I was grateful to have, but it quickly became a pain to carry.  I’ve gotten used to my Nathan Vapor Shadow Hydration Vest when I need water with me, so not having my hands free was annoying.  I ditched the water bottle after 2 miles and then picked it up on the way back.  About a mile from home I recycled it in someone’s recycle bin.  (A benefit to running on trash day?!)

So today’s run was just about getting it done.  I knew it would feel good to log the mileage that I had planned, so that alone was my motivator.

Finished and soaked.  Feels like July again. Not cool!  image1

There is a trail half coming up this weekend, The Difference in the Dirt, and it should be a blast.  I know my body and that long runs usually go better when I’ve had a longish mid-week run a few days before, so now I should be set!  Can’t wait to see some friends and family at the race.

Gym workout and a shorter run tomorrow!


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