Gym and a Protein Packed Dinner

Still sore from Sunday’s race so I stuck to the gym tonight.  I could have really used a run today, but I’m glad I listened to my body.   I always try to remember that anything I can do each day to get me to my goal of finishing a 50 mile race is worth it!  In the past I would have taken the extra rest day and done absolutely nothing, but my goal is to get the start line as strong and healthy as possible!

Here are some of the exercises I did tonight.

Oblique twists…we have a love-hate relationship.
Not sure what these are called but try lifting your legs to a pike position while holding your upper body still.  It’s equal parts cardio and strength!  I also do knee tucks like this and twists to activate more parts of my core.


Seated rows.  I did these after 5 other upper body exercises so they were tough!


These are fun too.   Eli caught me on the way down in the second pic.  Sometimes I do them on the floor at home but stabilizing yourself on the bench and then pointing your toes to the sky, adds a whole other level.


Then it was time for dinner. I haven’t made anything exciting lately so I spent some extra time cooking tonight.  Sesame Chicken, edamame, and a barley/pea/lentil mix.img_2151

I keep this mix of dried barley, lentils, and peas and cook it in a rice cooker for a healthy grain/protein option for us.  I usually add chicken seasoning or broth to flavor it.  Did you know barley has 23 grams of protein in 1 cup?


Here is a link to the chicken recipe: Gluten Free Sesame Chicken.  I chose it because we like the sesame flavor not because it’s gluten free, but I know that’s a plus for some people.  It was really good!img_2150

Did you know edamame has 17 grams of protein per cup?  It’s one of my favorite sides for a meal.  I usually buy it in the pods frozen, but I also like to get it shelled and frozen sometimes and add it to a salad.

And finally,  is it really only Tuesday?  Hopefully a run tomorrow or it will be a really long week.  Time to stretch and foam roll!

Thanks for reading…




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