Triple Workout Day and a $0.75 find!

Saturday is my favorite day.  I love having time to get things done around the house AND get a good workout in.  A migraine spoiled my plans for a run yesterday, so I made up for it today.  Legs are finally feeling normal from last weekend’s trail race, so I ran 8 miles this afternoon.  It was so gorgeous outside, so more neighbors were enjoying the outdoors than usual.

People always wave to me when I’m running like they know me.  And in a way they probably do.  I’m the “girl that runs by” their house all the time.  😂  I know the people I see at their homes but when they are driving I don’t always know who they are.  But we wave and it feels familiar so it’s all good!

I got this “non-slip” headband when I was at BB’s Discount Grocery Store this morning and it worked really well.

For $0.75 you really can’t go wrong.  And does anyone else hate those little strands of hair that whisp around without a band like this or is it just me?

Flyaways always bother me and it kept them in place during all of my workouts!

After I finished my run, I went over to the gym for some core, and upper body, and a little legs too.  I jumped on the cycle the last 20 minutes and hit the single hill hard to work my quads and glutes.

Refueled with some grilled pork, roasted brussel sprouts, and edamame.  No pic this time because because I was too hungry!

I have two upcoming 15K trail races in Novemeber which is super exciting.  I’ve never run a 15K before.  The Twisted Turkey Trail Tussle on 11/12 and the Dirty Bird on 11/27.  Preparing for these races should keep me motivated to incorporate more concentrated hill training into my workouts.  I say concentrated because I run hills everyday but hill repeats and hills on the cycle will make me even more powerful!   Hills are one of my strengths but trail hills are even more demanding and I want to be prepared to kick some 15K butt!

Do you have a favorite mantra on the hills?

Do you roast your brussel sprouts?

Have you ever run a 15K?




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