Learn to Silence Your Inner Couch Potato!

“You had a busy day.  You have a million things to do at home.  The weather is gloomy and it rained all day.  You only got a few hours sleep.”

These, my friend, are the negative voices you need to silence during training so that they don’t jeopardize your performance come race day!

Do not listen to your sluggish inner voice.  We all have one, after all.  And learning to ignore it can be a remarkable triumph.  Granted, there are times we DO need to listen to our bodies, but the above voice is one of laziness and excuses, not injury!

I got home on this gloomy November afternoon after teaching 95 eleven year olds for 8 hours on only 4 hours of sleep (waiting for election results that never came), so I had valid excuses….but I knew I would regret not getting my “longish mid-week run” in.  So…I laced up and hit the roads.

My son asked me how far I was going to go and the devil on my shoulder spoke out before I even had a chance to think.  “6, I guess”.  Two miles shy of my original goal for today.  I was feeling tired and couch ready.  BUT….my true voice rose above and sputtered out, “Well actually 8 if I have enough daylight”.  And my firecracker of a son pipes up, “Well push yourself and get the 8 done already.”  Sometimes we need a little push at the end of a tiring day and those words were just what I needed!

I ended up with a solid 8 miler, finishing just as it got too dark to be out. I was feeling all powerful and speedy and stuff as I realized I was negative splitting the crap out of my run.  I love when you think the last thing you want to do is lace up, and then the most amazing run presents itself.  I wished I had another hour of day light to log more miles, but I am happy with 8!  I always need 1-2 warm up miles of over 9:15 before I feel great.

Spits were:  9:28, 9:20, 9:08, 9:04, 8:59, 8:48, 9:41, 9:36.  It was so smooth I didn’t even know I was gradually getting faster because I didn’t look at my watch. I just knew I felt stronger with each mile.

We all have an inner couch potato, and as runners we certainly deserve days like that, but don’t let anything interfere with your goals!

I have things to accomplish.  The couch can wait.

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