Thai Food, Posing with a Turkey, and a Trail Race!

Dinner at Issei Noodle on Friday night with my oldest son.  It was his first time here and it’s safe to say he loved it.  We sat at the counter because it was packed and we were hungry!

Issei Bao Buns (our appetizer).  These were so good we thought they would make a great lunch all by themselves.
Midori Spicy Udon (a spicy green curry, coconut milk, peanuts, cilantro, chicken, basil, and veggies)

Earlier than usual wake up call!  Getting ready to leave for the Twisted Turkey Trail Tussle at the Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve outside of Gettysburg.


Not sure why I am blurry!

Headed down to the race with Christy, who was nice enough to  drive us to there.   We teach together, we pose with turkeys together!  There was a 5K, 10K, and 15K option.  Christy did the 10K and I did the 15K.   It was a little chaotic at the start because the 5K was running on the road toward us where we had to turn left onto our trail, but we survived.

We got distracted by this turkey before picking up our race packets!

I ran an easy 1.6 miles to warm up and then we had a course briefing before the race start.  There were some surprisingly steep hills in this race but the course was beautiful.  And each uphill brought us a fun downhill to run.  A typical PA trail race with rocks, roots, hills, etc…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The race route was marked clearly with orange arrows, and there were lots of volunteers at certain parts to direct us on our way.  I had to run past the finish area, where the 10K people got to finish, and head on up a 1.6 mile incline I was rewarded with a downhill to the finish line.  As I made my way to the flags Christy was finishing her race just ahead of me.   She did an awesome job!   I finished my “15K – ish” right behind her.  We stayed for the raffle but weren’t so lucky to win anything there.

I did win this Cornish Hen.  1st in Age Group Prize!

Overall it was a great running week!

Monday:  cycled 5.3 miles and core work

Tuesday:  3 miles on XC course with co-workers, then 2 more miles

Wednesday:  8 miles, negative splits 9:28 down to 8:36

Thursday:  REST

Friday:   REST (literally took a 2 hour nap I was so wrecked from teaching all day!)

Saturday:  1.6 mile warm up,  15K race…1:33:48

Sunday:  7 mile super easy run @9:55, 5K cycle, and upper body weights




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