Ice, Ice Baby…

Dun dun dun dun da da dun dun.  The perfect song to accompany me on today’s run (if I listened to music on a run!).  Oh yes, the Vanilla Ice days of middle school.  Haha!

I spent most of the day of enjoying the coziness of the house.


It was also a good day for baking cookies!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cookies and Chocolate Chip Walnut Shortbread (so yummy!)

Around 3:00 though I was craving the fresh air, the endorphins, and the need to burn some energy!  We got more ice than snow last night so I knew it would be a good time.  This run (even thought it was on the road) called for my Lone Peak trail shoes and Yak Trax.  Ice and slush?  No problem.  Yak Trax have been my best winter running gear purchase by far.

If you’re new to them, they just slip over your shoe and offer amazing traction.  There are different kinds but these coil ones have worked well for my needs so far.  I could see the spikey ones being useful for deep slush and mushy snow though.

Also, I am loving crew socks lately.  I just ordered a clearance pair Balega crews off of Running Warehouse the other day so I can’t wait for them to get here.  Especially for extremely cold days, I don’t like to have any of my ankle or leg exposed at the bottom of my running tights and they do the job.  I hear that crew socks are making a come back;  however, I don’t really care if they are or not, I just like them!  When it comes to running all I care about is being comfortable.  I’ve been known to head out the door in completely un-matching running clothes and I could care less 🙂


It was also the perfect temp for this long sleeve running shirt I found at Target at the end of last winter.  I love that it has a loose neck that you can tighten on colder windy days or keep loose (like I did today).  And it’s perfect for layering.


You can see the neck better here.  This was me, excited to start!

I set out thinking 6 miles would be good enough.  Ended up taking a longer loop home to make it 7, and then said “what the heck, I’ll just run a half mile past the house and head back home to have 8.”  Once I got home I was having so much fun running on the ice that I ran past the mailbox for more and ended up with 8.25.

Weekly Mileage Lately

I’ve naturally settled into a pattern of a cutback week after 3 weeks of higher mileage so I’m going to keep this going.  Seems to work well for my body!  I’ve also started running a lot more on Fri, Sat, Sun and less during the week so hopefully that will continue to work for me.  I’m working hard to keep a good base so that I am healthy and strong to train for the Cayuga Trails 50!




Weekly mileage graph for the past 8 weeks.  After tomorrow’s long run I will be hitting at least 35 miles this week.

My 21 this week was composed of a 5 on Tuesday, 8 on Friday, and 8 today.





Favorite Feature of Daily Mile:

It’s fun to look back at your 5 recent fastest and longest runs.  If you haven’t checked out an online place to keep track of your mileage, I recommend Daily Mile!  I know a lot of people use Strava but I’ve been using this for years and don’t want to switch.










I mean, just look at all those tv’s I have powered.  And all those donuts I’ve burned!



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