First Run of 2017


Thanks to Jeremy and Christy for joining me on the trails today for almost 11 miles!  Here are some views of the scenery on this gorgeous day. The sun was in and out, but the sky added a nice backdrop of blue to the bare winter forest.










It was a nice, relaxing run today and I had a lot of fun sharing it with friends and taking some pictures.

Training wise I am feeling really strong, especially on the hills…but there is so much more work to do!  These hills are nothing compared to what Cayuga will offer.  My body has adapted to long runs two days in a row which is awesome because it’s time to start increasing one of them in preparation for racing season this spring.

37.3 total miles this week which included 3 trail runs😊

Mon:  4 on trails with the boys

Tues:  6 on roads @ 8:53, felt hard

Wed:  5 on roads, hill work @ 9:00

Thurs:  rest

Fri:  rest

Sat:  11.5 on trails, moderate pace

Sun:  10.8 easy on trails



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