From Running Mom to Wrestling Mom

Wrestling season means that January and February are particularly busy months for my family.  With two teenage wrestlers, junior high and high school, I’m either taking someone to practice, picking someone up, picking up food and Gatorade for after weigh ins, washing singlets and warm up clothes, or sitting in a gym cheering on my boys and the team.  I love every minute of it, but of course is a chaotic and stressful kind of fun.

I’ve eaten on the go more than I’d like to admit this past week, but nothing too unhealthy.

Had an hour to kill while the boys were at Power Train the other night. I had time for a good long run and workout, but no time to eat.  So I spent a good portion of the time in Subway eating my favorite sweet onion chicken with a ton of veggies….and writing a blog post!

Today we had a home match (after getting home after 9:30 from last night’s match).  Right after my sixth graders were dismissed, I caught up on a few things on my to-do list, and then changed for a run.  I’ve organized a group run/walk for our school and today about 10 people showed up, equal parts runners and walkers!  Turns out 60 degree weather in January is a great motivator.  So we got in 30 minutes together, then I ran another 30 minutes by myself after the group.  I had planned to run farther and then hit the gym for 30 minutes for core and upper body, but a text from my son who needed a ride earlier than planned to his match, had me adjusting a bit.  I still headed to the gym (school’s fitness center), but only did about 20 minutes total of core and upper body.

Then I had to pick up my oldest son, get him some food, and take him to the school for weigh ins.  Meanwhile, I ate, showered, and then made it just in time for my youngest son’s junior high match.

From running mom to wrestling mom!  I don’t know about anyone else, but once I have a ponytail in, my hair will not do anything else for the rest of the day unless I wash it.  There was no time for that, so pony tail it was!

Both boys won so it was a a good night for them!  This weekend will be just as busy, as we have a tournament most of the weekend.  It’s my first official week of training for the 50 and I have a great base under my belt, so I’m not too worried about missing a long run.  There’s a chance I can get one in Sunday, but if not, I’m happily devoting my time to them and cheering them on 🙂  Besides, my race has a ton of stairs so there’s always the bleachers!


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