Double Run & Team Nuun

How I Managed to Squeeze in 12 Miles

I was itching to run today after not getting any miles in this weekend.  I don’t understand how non-runners go through life!  I did manage some lunges and wall sits in between wrestling matches, but other than that it was a pretty sedentary weekend.

It is a rare occasion to have a long lunch break like I did today, so I took full advantage of it.  The dog and I got ready for a run and headed out the door for four miles.  It was probably too much for him, but we did a loop and had to finish it up. He did great, as we averaged an 8:48 pace, but he has been sleeping since then.  I ran another 1.5 before going back to work.

Then later this afternoon I took one boy to wrestling practice, drove to pick up my new glasses, took the other boy to wrestling practice (would be nice if the times had coordinated, but oh well!), and then ran another 6.5 miles. My mind wanted to think it was mile 1 when I started this run, but my body knew it was really almost mile 7!  Felt good but legs were stiff at first from not running the past two days.

After the run, I picked up boy #1, listened to current rap and 90’s rap with him in the car while we were waiting for boy #2, then home for dinner.

The Best Surprise of 2017 So Far!

I found out today when I checked my email while waiting in the parking lot.  I am going to be running for Team Nuun!!!  I love all of the flavors I have ever tried and rely on Nuun to keep me hydrated on long runs, and even after the run.  They have some new products I can’t wait to try, so stay tuned on more about my Nuun Ambassador experience!nuun

Have a Great Running Week!  Get out there and make it happen 🙂

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