“Keep on a Runnin”

It’s crazy mild and foggy here today.  I couldn’t wait to get out on the trails!

Love this breakfast!

I chose Flat Rock trail today because it had been a few months since I’ve run there.  Plus, with 2,000 feet of elevation gain in one round trip (about 5 miles), it makes for a perfect place to train for Cayuga.  Today I planned to make two round trips without stopping at my car for anything and that’s what I did.

There was only one car in the parking lot when I started.  I decided on a light Nike long sleeve, capris, and a hat.  The trails were really wet from the rain this past week, and it was kind of misting when I started, but with temps in the mid 40’s, I knew it was going to be a great run.

This trail is very rocky in areas (which I love).  It’s so peaceful and gorgeous here wether this sun is shining or not.

Start of the first stretch of climb.



I absolutely loved how this tree looked with the foggy background.  So bold and majestic.
Sun started trying to peak through the closer I got to the top.
And then I was here.  Standing above the fog, looking down on the gray blanket covering Newville and up at the gorgeous blue skies!


There was a beautiful sky up there today for few to see!

There was a group of 4 enjoying the overlook when I got their, along with their adorable chocolate lab puppy.  We talked for a few minutes.  They asked if I ran up there and I said I ran and power hiked.  It took them almost 2 hours to make the hike and they asked me how long it took me.  My Garmin said 38 minutes.

On the way down the mountain I ran conservatively since the rocks and leaves were so wet.  I passed an older gentlemen in a blue track suit carrying hiking poles. We said hi and I kept running.  24 minutes down to the parking lot. I turned around and started right back up again.  Somewhere half way up I passed Mr. Blue again on a steep climb and stopped to talk. He couldn’t believe I was going up again.  He asked what I was training for and said I was one tough girl.  We talked about the local trails and then when we started off on our way again he said “Keep on a Runnin”.   Those are words to live by for sure!

A view of the eastern side of the mountain.
Nuun and a Honey Stinger waffle to fuel me today.

When I reached the parking lot again I continued on a side trail that meanders around a lake and along a creek, for an extra mile.  I guess I did somewhere around 9-11 miles.  The trail sign mileage did not match my Garmin so I’m not totally sure.

I was happy to see my Nuun order sitting at the front door when I got home.  I had used my last tablet for this run and will need these tomorrow for another long run. I haven’t tried the Energy or Vitamins yet and am excited to test them out. I did have some tropical Nuun to rehydrate after the run and it was really yummy.  The perfect balance of electrolytes make such a difference in my running!


Well time for the last home wrestling match to begin.  Good luck Bulldogs!

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