Exploring the A.T.

Met up with the Appalachian Running Company for a group Appalachian Trail run.  Some people did a shorter out and back and others (myself included) did a point to point which was just about 11 miles.  We started at the Boiling Springs Tavern and ran south.

I was not sure how this run would go because I have been fighting some kind of cold  for the past day or so.  I can feel it sitting in my chest and I’ve been sneezing and more cold than usual, so I decided to take it extra easy today and just get it done.  Surprisingly about half way through I felt pretty decent so I was able to finish strong.  Hoping I can get another longer run in tomorrow if I rest enough today!

Heading to the mountain!
One of the guys took his dog along for the run and he was nice enough to take my pic for me!


My first time at Center Point Knob.


Definitely rocky up here and I love it!


So easy to just follow the white blazes.  I’m so grateful to live so close to the AT!


Really enjoyed this section.


And who doesn’t love a boulder maze in the middle of your run?  There were a ton of these to scramble over at the top of this mountain.


Guess it’s back to bundling up again.  After a week or so of runs in the 50’s we’re back to 30 something degrees.


Right about here it started to snow and continued to do so until we arrived at our destination.  Depending on the elevation of the trail you didn’t always feel it in your face, but I didn’t mind!


I hadn’t realized we were ending at Hunters Run, but I definitely recognized the last few miles of this trail because that is where I got to meet Scott Jurek and  run with him (the other direction) on his journey in 2015.  Brought back some cool memories!  And it just amazes me even more that he went on to tackle these climbs and scramble these boulders in the dark to head to Boiling Springs for the night, only halfway through his 2,200 mile journey!
There were donuts waiting for us at the finish and I helped myself to my favorite, Boston Creme.  People had cars parked at the end so we could all hitch a ride back to the tavern.  I hope they organize this run again because it was a great morning!







2 thoughts on “Exploring the A.T.

  1. tandemtrekking January 30, 2017 / 5:45 pm

    Out, running on the AT! You are brave. We hiked it back in 2013. There are some serious rocks out there.


  2. miles2go4u January 30, 2017 / 10:06 pm

    Yes, rocks are pretty much the standard here in PA! I love your blog. What was your favorite part of the AT? Did you thru-hike the whole thing? I see you guys like Catan. One of our favorites here!


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