Trail Time with Irish

Its been awhile since Irish has been out on the trails with me, so I brought him along for today’s run.  He’s getting older and can’t go as far anymore, but I thought if we took it easy he would be okay.  He had a great time!  He stayed off leash the entire time.

He even put his running clothes on. 



Irish entering Irish Gap Hollow.  


He really enjoyed the creek along the way.
One of his best days ever❤️
And if you’re wondering if a bear shits in the woods…..yes, yes he does.
Tired and happy pup at the end! 


Late lunch after the run.  Spring mix with yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, and walnuts.  The fig dressing was amazing!
Pork tenderloin, kale chips, sweet potatoes, and barley/pea/lentil mix.

Looking forward to a long run tomorrow with friends!


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