Save on Nuun & Wintry Trail Run!

Before we get into my run…I have an awesome deal to share with you for Nuun hydration products.  I swear by this stuff!  I drink it everyday to stay hydrated (the vitamin products are amazing), and use the active Nuun during my long runs to keep all electrolytes balanced.   Just drop the tablet in 16 oz of water and  in 5 minutes or so you have an electrolyte drink that is low in sugar and also tastes good!  Even if you aren’t a runner, but are looking for something to make your water more interesting, try Nuun!

Stock up now using code NUUNLOVE25 to receive 25% your order now through Valentine’s Day.   Click here to order your Nuun!

Here’s a pic of my recent order.  From left to right are the citrus, tropical punch, fruit punch (my new favorite), strawberry lemonade, grape, blueberry pomegranate vitamins (LOVE this one with my lunch), ginger lemonade (also a favorite), and cherry limeade.



My day in Pictures, including a Snowy Trail Run!

We didn’t get much but it was just enough to look pretty, cancel school, and not have to shovel the driveway. 
I will never get tired of the beautiful landscape we are so fortunate to live on. Picture perfect!


Weird thing was, just a day earlier we were at 60 degrees and the goats were loving life!  
After watching the goats explore the snow, and then lounging around all day it was time to tackle the 4 miles on my schedule.  Kings Gap did not disappoint.  There were some footsteps the first mile in, a couple and their two dogs I passed on their way back to the parking lot.


It was a game of dodging weighted down trees, which made things really interesting!


Once I was to the point where I was the first to go through the trail, I started setting branches free by lifting them up so the snow would shake off.  It made things a lot easier on the way back!


My favorite picture.  I love how snow makes everything soft, quiet, and magical.


I was also the first to cross many bridges.  I think there was more snow on the trails than at our house.
The creek wasn’t frozen but it was about 27 degrees when I ran this afternoon.


Blue skies were a perfect backdrop to the snow covered trails and tree limbs.


Do you see the good and bad parts of what’s happening here?  Good= snowy runs clean your trail shoes!  (They were really muddy and dirty before this run).  Bad= Yaktrax are broken!  I wonder if I can rig it for this weekend.  

Thanks for reading!  I hope everyone has a great Friday and wonderful weekend with lots of happy miles ahead 🙂


2 thoughts on “Save on Nuun & Wintry Trail Run!

    • miles2go4u February 10, 2017 / 10:00 pm

      Thanks! It’s nice to have something new to look at😊

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