Naan bread pizza, my favorite salad from Panera, and a snowy A.T. run!


Food First!

We LOVE Naan bread pizza.  So good with Aldi’s sundried tomato pesto and topped with cheese and any veggies you have in the fridge.  This one has yellow bell pepper, red cabbage, and onion.  I ate the whole thing Friday night as my carb loading for today’s long trail run.   Then I went to the gym for some lifting and core!


After today’s run I was starving.  I had to drop off my son at the movies for his date, and Panera is in the same parking lot.  This quinoa citrus beet salad was calling my name!


Sweet Frog is also near the movies so this happened when I went to pick him up after his date.  There are four different flavors of frozen yogurt in there:  peanut butter, chocolate, cake batter, and pecan.


Appalachian Trail Run

After taking my son to practice, I met up with two wonderful ladies from my Moms Run This Town group.  Thanks for sharing the miles up to Center Point Knob with me, Denise and Vickie!  We started at the Boiling Springs Tavern and the first two miles are mostly through cornfields and it wasn’t easy this morning with 4-5″ of snow to trudge through!

I took this on the way back to my car.  The snow had started to melt before I got there!


Thankfully others had forged the way before us in most spots!  This is another one taken on my way back.


Love, love, love the section after Whiskey Springs.


Making my way up to the top of this climb.


Part of the rock scramble.  The trail goes right through here!


Temps started at 25 degrees and hit almost 50 by the time I finished!


Heading back up another climb about halfway through the run.  

Lots of elevation today.  16 total miles and feeling good!  I think 16 snowy trail miles should count as at least 20!   Spent a good hour cleaning out the goat shed which is definitely cross training.  Looking forward to sleeping in and hitting the trails for 10 tomorrow.

Enjoy your miles this weekend!


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