Soggy, Slippery, Sunset Rocks

We got a ton of rain today, which washed away most of the remaining snow.  While it poured, I caught up on some things around the house and did some core and stretching routines while watching Netflix with Hunter.  Finally, a few hours after lunch, I got myself ready for long run #2 and drove out to Pine Grove.  It was still raining lightly and super foggy driving over the mountain.  The trails were pretty much the same.

I chose to run the AT past the halfway point and past Tom’s Run shelter, to Sunset Rocks and complete the loop.  The AT was pretty soggy with large puddles in some places, but not as muddy as I thought it would be.  Sunset Rocks were very slippery so I really took my time scrambling through there!  Legs were feeling pretty good.

Saw another pileated woodpecker about a half mile from the place I saw one a few weeks ago on the same trail.  Pretty cool!

Here are some pics from today.  I hope everyone had a great weekend of running!

My current favorite running socks.  There was one pair on a few months ago at a clearance price of like $5 so I snagged them.  They are so warm and comfortable!  I’ll have to get some lighter ones for when spring gets here.
Two weeks ago I thought I’d pass the halfway point but I had to turn around and head back.  Today I passed it and realized I had only been about a half mile away!


And a random mailbox in the middle of the woods next to the halfway sign!  When it’s closer to spring maybe I’ll leave something for thru-hikers 🙂


Tom’s Run shelter.  Pretty nice little set up. 


It can be the gloomiest, yuckiest weather and I still always feel renewed  and happy after a trail run!


That’s a Wrap, Week # 6 of Training in the Books:

Monday:  REST

Tuesday:  3.5 miles easy

Wednesday:  7 road miles @ 8:36 average pace

Thursday:  4 mile snow run

Friday:  5 mile cycle, lifting, core

Saturday:  16 snowy AT miles, lots of elevation change

Sunday:  stretching, foam rolling, core, & 9 mile trail run


Looks like a weather warm up is on the way.  Enjoy your miles, guys!






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