Squeezing in a Run & Yummy Food Finds

Super Busy Day?  You Can Still Get Your Miles In!

Today was a challenge to squeeze in the miles I needed, but I made it happen!   Teaching all day, then a meeting, then a hour window of time before the boys needed to be picked up from practice.   I managed to change into running clothes and squeeze in a somewhat tough 6 mile road run during that time.  It included some steep hills and my legs were feeling it!  The boys were waiting at the car when I had hit 5.5 miles but I continued to loop around the parking lot to squeeze it in.  I unlocked the car from across the road and kept on running until the Garmin hit 6 miles.  haha

Then we drove home, showered, and I had to leave to take the boys to their trainer.  While there I did some Target and Giant shopping.  I don’t always enjoy the chore of food shopping, but sometimes I get excited and this was one of those days.  I’ve been trying to find new healthy foods for snacks and long runs and it tends to make my shopping days more exciting!

Today’s Food Finds

I bought these mainly for the boys, but I do love Kind bars and have never seen the breakfast ones before.  
I bought the box on the left about 2 weeks ago and we just ran out so I was excited to pick up more…and try the other flavors too.  Target had them on sale this week which was awesome.  These minis are the perfect size for eating during a trail run and I love the whole food ingredients.  My favorite snack lately is one of these little guys and an orange.


Since all the Larabars were on sale at Target, I picked up some of the larger bars to try too.  My youngest son LOVES key lime anything so those are mostly for him.  The box on the right is Cherry Pie…YUM!
Check out all that potassium!  And the ingredients are so pure.  Basically, dates, some kind of nuts, and fruit.  Gotta love it!  They taste so good too.


Krave is also on sale this week at Target!   We absolutely love beef jerky but I sometimes get annoyed by how hard and tough it can be to chew.  I tried the Krave black cherry barbecue pork jerky last weekend (during my trail run I had some with me) and it was SO tender and delicious.  After that long run I devoured the rest of the bag.  NO REGRETS!  


  I was craving chocolate milk at lunch today but didn’t want all the sugar.  I found this one and it was so delicious.  I think they sell it in a quart size as well.  Always trying to get my protein in whenever I can!

Tonight’s Dinner (Inspired by my favorite dish at Issei Noodle):

Green coconut curry veggies and tofu with udon noodles.

We really enjoyed this meal.  Green coconut curry is one of my favorite dishes ever.  I cheated and used sauce from a jar, but added fresh ginger, garlic, onion, yellow squash, red pepper, and tofu.  My first time cooking tofu and I think it will be a staple in our meals at least once every week or so.  So easy and good.  I found the ingredients easily at Giant and it only took about 20 minutes to make which was good because I got home from all of this shopping after 8:00.



What foods are you loving lately?

Any favorite tofu recipes to share?  I still have half a package left!







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