Week #7 of 50 Mile Training….(aKa: Quad Killer Week)

The running mileage this week,  starting with Monday, was supposed to be: rest, 4, 6, 6 , rest, 18, 10.   A plan is just a plan, though and it does not account for family life or your general well being!

The boys both had important wrestling tournaments this weekend, sectionals, and state qualifiers, and I will never put my running before being there for them.  Family always comes first.  So, I had planned to keep the first 3 runs as planned, but switch a long run from Sat to Friday since I had off.  I figured Saturday I would rest, and then possibly get out for a run late Sunday afternoon depending on the tournament.

Well, last week was very draining for me physically.  I did not get nearly enough sleep (only about 3-5.5 hours each night), but somehow powered through.

My Actual Mileage

Mon:  lifted & core

Tues:  4 miles on xc course

Wed:   6 road miles with hills

Thurs:  3 on xc course, steep and hilly direction (no sleep and hills were catching up to me so I did not do 6)

Fri:  slept in and felt amazing so did 12 HARD trail miles on Flat Rock Trail (2 miles up to an overlook with 1200 ft elevation gain, then back down and repeat 3 times).  The rock is flat, the trail is NOT😂

Last time I did 2 repeats of this trail, so I decided to take a pic each time I made it to the top for 3 round trips this time.  It’s so steep in places that you have to hike, especially in the first mile. But I never stopped.  I always refueled on the first steep climb going back up.  SO much fun running back down to the car.  And so much fun seeing the looks on other hikers’ faces when they ask me how many times I am doing this today.  I can’t wait until I can say “6”! 


Proud of myself when my 3 repeats were over!  And shorts in February😊.  Also, since I’m a math teacher, I had to figure out how many repeats of this trail equal 50 miles, and it’s 12.5.  Just saying…😳💪🏼😂

Sat:  After tournament, evening 5 mile cycle @ gym, lifted, 12 min on new surprise lateral trainer machine!

This thing is AWESOME and hard!  Squat position the whole time while you push your legs outward to spin in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion. Quad killer!  I need this!

Sun:  10 hilly late afternoon trail miles





I hope you all rocked your runs this week!  Remember, a plan is just a plan.  It won’t make you or break you.  It’s okay to listen to your body when you need more sleep, stretching, or cycling instead of running.  In fact, your body will thank you!

And of course, it’s always a given to put family first!  Hunter nade it to districts, so this coming week will also be rearranged and I’ll figure it out😀

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