Week #8 of 50 Mile Training in the Books!

Wow,  I can’t believe it!   My training for the Cayuga Trail 50 is 35% complete.  The miles are really going to start ramping up now and there is so much work ahead, but it’s going by so fast already.  It’s going to be June before we know it!

To me long runs are the most fun part of training.  This was supposed to be a cutback week, and I treated it as such for the most part, but made some adjustments.  My son wrestled in districts this week, and between that, some doctor appointments, and taking him for his driver’s permit, we were pretty busy and I had some extra rest days.  I figured that since I didn’t get a long, slow run in last week due to our schedule and my choice to do repeats on Flat Rock, I’d get one in today.

I meant to sign up for the Squirrelly Tail Twail Wun which took place today, but I totally missed the deadline and there are no race day sign ups.  That was my first trail race ever, and it’s the race that made me want to never do a road race again.  So, instead, I planned my longest trail training run so far.

So today I started at Pine Plantation in Kings Gap and ran on the trails from there to Buck Ridge, all the way to Pine Grove Furnace, plus an extra mile exploring a logging road…then back.  The first 3 miles kind of sucked.   I felt kind of sluggish, but those first few miles I guess I was warmed up because I felt a lot better.  I fueled with peanut butter crackers, fruit punch Nuun, a Gingersnap Honey Stinger Waffle, and an apple pie mini Larabar.  19 mile long run done!

Took this pic with 1 mile left to go.  One of my favorite spots at Kings Gap!


When I was done, I felt awesome.  I seriously could have gone so much farther.  That’s a great feeling, especially when your race is 31 more miles than your longest training run so far.  Yikes!   Getting mentally prepared for all the ups and downs that come with long trail distances is equally as important as the physical training.  I know there will be times that suck and times that are amazing.   Just keep moving forward!

Also, I love that tired, satisfied feeling when you are dirty, sweaty, and starving.  That’s why long runs are my favorite!  Here’s how I refueled at home (second breakfast!) :


Can you tell I had an almond butter craving?  Clementine, banana with almond butter and honey, sprouted grain toast with almond butter and honey,  two sunny side up eggs, and chocolate almond milk.

Week #8 Recap

Monday:  core and lifting

Tuesday: 7 trail miles

Wednesday:  4 miles on xc course

Thursday:  rest (Districts!)

Friday:  3 trail miles with the Pup

Saturday:  14 cycle miles @ gym

Sunday:  19 trail miles


What is your favorite part of training?

What is your favorite meal to refuel with after a long run?






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