Long Run Stash & February in Review

When you have two teenage boys, you learn the hard way that if you want your favorite running foods to be there on a Saturday or Sunday morning when you are gearing up for a long run, you better stash them well!

Here’s my solution.  haha!

Don’t worry, they have PLENTY of snacks in the pantry!

Sneak peak inside, just for you.  These are not the only things I run with, just what’s in my stash right now!

Every long run I take a Larabar mini, pack of peanut butter crackers, and Honeystinger waffle.  I’ve also taken bananas, beef jerky, trail mix, and Honeystinger chews…and of course my Nuun to stay hydrated.  No more gels or Gu for me!  


My February in Review

(Some running math for this math teacher!)

  • 136 total miles logged (8 less than January, but also less days so I’ll take it!)
    • Trail Miles:  87%  (118.5 miles)
    • Longest Run :  19 miles
    • Most Hill Repeats:  12 miles (3 round trips to Flat Rock)  Looking forward to this workout again soon!
  • 24 miles of cycling
  • 7 sessions of lifting
  • 9 core workouts


Weekend Running

I have 30 total trail miles planned between Saturday and Sunday, starting with my first 20 mile run of training (and also my first race of 2017).    It will be at the Naked Bavarian race at Blue Marsh.  I’m going to be running it at a training pace, not racing…but  I’m looking forward to having aide stations, marked trails so I don’t have to plan a route or think about where I’m going, and a bunch of other people to run with!

Be sure to check back this weekend for a race report 🙂




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