Week #9 of Ultra Marathon Training & a Superfood

It’s been an awesome week.  Winter returned and we had some bitter cold and windy days.  Tuesday was a busy day with work, running, grocery shopping, and the boys.  By Wednesday I was feeling rundown and like I was going to come down with a cold, so I swapped running miles for some easy cycling at the gym, doubled my orange intake, and then tried to get to bed early.  Best decision ever!

Also, I found out I placed 76 out of 346 OA and 17/146 females in my race yesterday. Not bad for a training run!

Here’s How this Week of Training Went Down

Monday:  rest

Tuesday:  5.25 miles on xc course with coworkers (10:17 pace) & core and upper body lifting @ gym

Wednesday: cycled 55 minutes (11 miles)

Thursday: 6 WINDY miles, 3 on xc course and 3 on roads (9:13 pace, sub 9:00 for road miles)

Friday:  rest from running, core and upper body lifting @ gym

Saturday: 20.7 miles on trails (9:53 pace, Naked Bavarian 20 Mile Race), COLD and windy!

Sunday:  10.3 miles on trails (11:41 pace)


Some Pics from the Trails Today







Favorite Foods of the Week

Goat cheese on crackers with fruit and a Larabar.
My normal concoction of plain Greek yogurt, peanut powder for protein, milled flax seed, a drizzle of honey, and a new addition….cacao powder.  Tasted just like chocolate pudding but WAY more nutritional benefits!

Cacao Powder

I always try to incorporate superfoods into our diets.  Did you know that cacao powder has 20 times the antioxidants of blueberries and that it is the highest plant-based source of iron?  It’s good for your heart, your brain, and even your mood!  I plan to use it in baking, smoothies, pancakes, and protein balls as well.  Read more about the benefits of cacao here.




One More Pic from Today’s Run

Scenic Vista trail in Kings Gap.  Now time to stretch and foam roll!


What are some of your favorite superfoods?

How did your running and nutrition go this week?





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