Wonderful and Addicting Momentum

Today’s run started later than usual due to a meeting and some time in the backyard with my son and the animals.


I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to fuel the run, shared a bite or two with the goats and dog, then geared up on this 57 degree day and headed to the trails for what turned out to be one of those runs where everything just falls into place.

About 2 miles in I had some nice climbs to power hike, and then somewhere after that my legs just took over.  It was one of those runs that feel effortless and make you feel more alive with every stride.  The kind of run where you realize you will soon be back to your car and since it isn’t dark yet, you don’t want to stop this wonderful and addicting momentum, so you cross through the parking lot to another trailhead and continue running 3 more loops until the darkness really starts to filter through the pines.  And still your legs refuse to stop, so you run another half mile up the steady incline of the park road feeling like a well oiled machine, stronger with every step.  Turning around to head back down the road to your car you are flying as darkness starts to set in and it is just you gliding through space and time.  You and your breath and your shoes hitting the ground.  The temperature perfect against your skin, and the diminishing sunlight providing you with a tunnel vision view of the path ahead. When you finally reach your car at the end of the run you feel reborn, renewed, and on top of the world.

Still feeling that post-run euphoria after driving home!
One of my short climbs this afternoon.

9 glorious miles tonight, 3 days in a row of trails, and 18 miles logged for the week so far.  Rest day tomorrow and then some quad killer hill repeats on tap for this weekend.  But first…snow?  According to our weather report that’s what I will be waking up to!


Is your weather as crazy as ours has been this winter?

Have you ever run in the dark?





One thought on “Wonderful and Addicting Momentum

  1. runningfastliftingheavy March 10, 2017 / 12:25 pm

    The weather in Toronto has been all over the place. Currently, we’re having winter-esque weather, but it’s not supposed to last. It’s so confusing!


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