What I Do on Rest Days

Eat.  Take naps.  Couch potato it like a boss. Friday’s are my no running/ no workout day.  It’s always good to have a day where you can recharge.  I don’t run Monday’s either, but I usually end up doing core, lifting, or cycling depending on my energy level.

Upping my mileage also means upping my calories!  Now that my high mileage weeks are over 40 miles and my long runs are taking 3-4 hours, I am always hungry!  The weather report was predicting snow for Friday morning, so I planned to make pancakes for myself and the boys if we had a two hour delay.  Well, it did snow, but we didn’t have a two hour delay, so I ended up making the pancakes anyway.  I have a few recipes I use to make them from scratch, but when I am short on time and NEED pancakes, I like the Kodiak Cakes brand for the extra protein and time saving aspects!

And who doesn’t want to start their day off with dark chocolate chip pancakes?


Some snacks to get me through the day.  I didn’t end up eating all of them, but I never know what I’m going to be hungry for between meals, so I like to have a lot of options!


When we all got home from school, I had a salsa and tortilla chip craving.  I LOVE a good chipotle salsa.

I may have eaten half the bag.  There was a lot of air in it, but I’m pretty sure I stocked up on a good amount of salt that I will lose this weekend from running.  lol


Today’s Run (Saturday)

Trail running is always so much different when there is snow on the ground.  Today’s run took place in “feels like 17 degrees”  with 20 mph winds.  Almost identical weather to last Saturday’s run at Blue Marsh.  The ground was frozen and the trails that get more sun and traffic were almost bare, but a good portion of this run was in 3-4″ of snow.  I took a trail loop that I don’t usually take to get some more mileage in, and it ended up being my new favorite trail.  My footprints were the first of this snow and it was just amazing.  It’s pretty much downhill snow running for a mile.  When that trail came to an end I decided I wanted to do it again, so I made my way back to the same trailhead I had started at, which meant a few steep climbs but they were so worth it to be able to do more downhill snow running.  So much fun!

Unfortunately my phone froze during this run (even though I had it stuffed inside a sock to keep it warm, so the only pic I have is from the second mile.  I just loved the deep blue of the sky against the trees!

Kings Gap Hollow Trail.  You can see the snow wasn’t really a factor here.  Mile 2 of the 12 I completed today.


A Must See..

Friday night I also finally watched  Life In a Day by Billy Yang Films.  Very inspiring.  I love watching women runners kick ass.  If you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for?

Also, here is an interesting article about women ultra runners.  Why Women are Better At Ultra Running.  It makes me feel like I was born for this sport 🙂  Short women rule!


Do you have any favorite running movies or documentaries to share?

What’s your favorite cheat day splurge?






2 thoughts on “What I Do on Rest Days

  1. tyger15 March 12, 2017 / 11:37 am

    I still need to see “Spirit of the Marathon.” My husband said that I needed to see “Chariots of Fire,” and I was kind of neutral on it. I thought it might be kinda sappy or something being an older movie. We did watch it one Friday night, and I am glad I did.
    Cheat day, dessert, sometimes ruby rum punch if we go to Ruby Tuesdays for salad bar, but dessert like an ice cream mix in with Oreo’s from Spotted Cow is always my first choice.

    Liked by 1 person

    • miles2go4u March 12, 2017 / 11:04 pm

      Oh yes, “Spirit of the Marathon” is a good one. Haven’t seen “Chariots of Fire”. Love the rum punch and ice cream is always my dessert of choice 🙂


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