I’ll Be Wishing for this Snow in July!

It’s a lot of extra work to run in this much wet snow, but it was great to be off the roads today!  I kept telling myself in the heat of the summer I will be wishing I could run through the snow. I always do!

This little guy greeted me as I started.  He eyed me up and I slowed to a walk as he started to climb the nearest tree.


The closer I got, the higher he climbed, peeking around the tree and hissing at me.  It was pretty funny.


Most trails I was following in someone’s hiking boot footprints.


Some trails I was making my own path through some pretty deep snow!

Shortly after this scene I came across a group of boy scouts out for a hike.  The lead boy yelled “RUNNER” and they all moved off the trail for me.  After all that deep snow blazing I had just done, I was just happy that they could tell I was running! 😂

My feet were cold and wet the entire time, but other than that the 40 degree temps made for a nice day in the woods.

The screws worked okay I guess but nothing was frozen so I didn’t get to try them on ice.  With this much wet snow I don’t think anything other than snowshoes would help!

And then the unwrapping of a Gingersnap Honey Stinger waffle for some fuel. Love this flavor.  These waffles always satisfy my hunger, give me lots of energy, and are easy to digest on the run.  I can’t wait for our order of more Honey Stinger waffles, chews, and protein bars to arrive.

It’s like eating a lighter version of a cookie. 


Almost up to my knees here!

Snow runs like this certainly work your legs differently.  My calves are going to be so solid.  hahaha  I think these are going to be my trail running conditions for awhile so I better get used to it!  Even though I had 8 miles on the schedule, I ran 7.2 in a much longer time than a regular 8 would have taken.  It’s best to run by time or effort in these situations!  I once read that you can almost double your actual snow miles to get the equivalent of a regular run.

Any bets on when this snow will be gone?





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