Honey Stingers & Happy Feet

Busy as a Bee!

My Honey Stingers arrived Tuesday, but it’s been a busy week so I’m just getting to blog now.  Vanilla waffles (think gooey soft sugar cookie), Fruit Smoothie chews, Kids Organic Chocolate Waffles, and “Peanut Butta Pro” protein bars!  First time trying the protein bars and I will definitely be ordering more.  They are perfect for an after run/workout snack and SO delicious.  I love the honey taste that comes through and the chocolate covering goes so well with the peanut butter!



Sweet Frog always has mini waffles like this to top your frozen yogurt with.  All I could think of was trying the Honey Stinger Kids’ Organic Chocolate Waffle with my normal mid morning snack of plain Greek yogurt, honey, flax, and peanut butter powder.  It was a good idea.  A REALLY good idea!

Besides,  as the miles ramp up, so do the calories!

Speaking of ramping up calories, I made some kickass french toast this morning for Eli and I (although mine was a little fancier). . .

Cinnamon & Nutmeg Sprouted Grain French Toast with walnuts and coconut flakes.  SO good!

Don’t worry. . . syrup was put on after the pic!  I mean who eats french toast without syrup?


Target Dollar Spot Find!

This running waistband was $5.00 at Target.  Can you believe it?  Actually it was at Jen’s Target and she was kind enough to snag one for me.  Our store didn’t have them.  It is perfect for shorter runs when you just need to take things like your phone, car key, and food.  You simply cannot go on a trail run without taking food, right?  Otherwise what’s the point?  Scott Jurek didn’t title his book, Eat and Run, for nothing!

Two zipper pouches and an adjuatable waistband.  Pretty much all I need!  Jen and I both noticed that this band sits well lower on your hips and it stays put pretty nicely.  iPhone 6S fits perfectly!

Getting it Done.

Pull ups, oblique twists, and upper body weights.  After an 8 mile run through the woods and a long day of teaching.  All on minimal sleep, unfortunately, but I still killed it. There is a 98.9% chance that I won’t get a good night’s sleep before Cayuga so I have to practice that too, right?  (P.S.  I would like to be wrong about this!)

I know I’ll sleep good tonight!


All the snow has melted off the trails by the way!  That’s not to say it still isn’t on the mountain, but I am not having to set foot in it, so all is right with the world again.

Here I am deciding whether to go check out the trails earlier this week.  (I was hoping the snow had melted but wasn’t sure, and did NOT feel like trudging through it again!)



So glad I took a chance because it was a PERFECT run, complete with this savage view.  (Have I been hanging around 13 year olds too long? 😂)

NO white in this picture 😊.
Happy legs, happy feet!


Happy Soul!

How is your week going?





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