20 Miler on the Appalachian Trail

It was a hazy, humid, and surprisingly warmer day.  The weather report said 64 degrees and thunderstorms around 1:00, so I wanted to start early and get this run in.  I wasn’t too confident about the predicted temps so I also had my light windbreaker and a baseball hat, in case it rained, in my pack.  I ate a maple french toast bagel with cream cheese and drove to the Boiling Springs Tavern to start my run early.

It was 45 degrees and cloudy when I started so I wore my light long sleeve over a short sleeve shirt and a light earband.

First two miles are basically through the farmlands heading toward that mountain in the distance!

By the time I reached the mountain, I stopped to stuff my gloves, earband, and long sleeve in my pack, which was becoming really full!

Some scenes from the run.  Heading southbound offers a lot of nice elevation change which I need in my training.







I seriously thought this was a trash bag until I got close enough to realize it was snow!
View around 5 miles in.


Besides these Honey Stinger chews, I also had a Honey Stinger mini chocolate waffle, peanut butter crackers, two bottles of Nuun, and ALL the water in my hydration bladder.  Guess I need to start filling it to the top!

When I hit 17 miles, I had just done my last climb and I couldn’t take the humidity anymore, so I stuffed my short sleeve in my pack as well and continued on in sports bra only.  I kept seeing hikers wearing long sleeves and thought I was just overheating until I got back to my car and saw it was 75!  One guy I saw commented how much I had stuffed in my pack.  LOL

Looking back on the mountain as I headed back to my car.  

What I ate after the run (I decided today is my “eat whatever you want” day)

I’m always posting good for you, healthy food, so here is what I eat on cheat days!

  • Honey Stinger protein bar & water immediately after run
  • Glass of Nuun Active
  • Lunch:  leftover ribs, 2 red beet eggs and 3 red beets, munster cheese, baby carrots
  • Dessert:  Twist in a cone 🙂
  • Snack: 3/4 of a bag of vanilla cup cake Goldfish
  • Dinner:  2 slices pepperoni pizza, french fries, Diet Coke
  • I’m really thirsty for milk for some reason so I’m going to have some with another snack before bed!  I have over 1600 calories to replace 🙂
  • IMG_3276
    Isn’t this a picture perfect swirl?  


Reflection of my Run

  • This was my 3rd run of 19 miles or more in this training.  I felt strong in my core even in the fourth hour of running.  I’ve noticed that in all of these long runs!  (My back used to get tired around that point before I started doing regular core strengthening).
  •  My legs felt pretty good, although my knees were feeling sore going up and down hill from the cumulative elevation of all of my runs the past week or so.
  • Fueling went well, despite the fact that I had GI issues twice along the way. (Thank goodness this was not a road run or I would have been in serious trouble!). Not sure if that’s related to what I ate the night before (ribs?) or the fact that it is my TOM and that always can give me unpredictable issues once in awhile from headaches to GI issues to tingling/dizziness.

Thinking I will do some easy cycling and rest my knees tomorrow!  I have a 10 miler scheduled, but if I run it, I will choose a fairly flat area and do a super easy recovery run.   Tomorrow’s goal is recovery!

Are you an ice cream fanatic like me?









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