Week #12 of Cayuga Trail 50 Training & How I Make Sure to Fit it All In!

It was an epic week of training in terms of mileage and time on my feet.  Highest mileage week so far and more to come over the next couple of months!  Check out that beautiful bar graph!  My students are working on calculating averages and analyzing the variability of data.  I’m going to have to pull my running data for them to practice 😉


Week 12 Rundown…

Monday:  rest

Tuesday:  4 road miles (with 3 x steep hill repeats), lifting & core

Wednesday:  6 progression miles on trails, last mile @ 8:20

Thursday:  8 trail miles, free weights & tried some pull ups!

Friday:  rest

Saturday:  20 trail miles on the AT, over 4 hours on my feet

Sunday: 10 trail miles


How I dressed for Wednesday’s run vs. how I finished Saturday’s run.  Crazy PA temps!


How I Make Sure to Fit in All the Miles. . .

I am a goal setter.  I have an old school planner that I pencil things in to keep track of meeting dates, appointments and practices for the kids, and anything else that life throws our way.  At the beginning of each week I compare my training plan with my daily responsibilities and map out the week.  Some weeks are tricky and I actually have to write exactly what time I am going to run, make dinner, workout, etc.  Some weeks I totally have to rearrange my runs to fit them in.  But it works!

At the top I always write my mileage goal for that week and sometimes I even add whether it’s a hard or easy (cutback) week.  This helps me stay in the right mental frame of mind throughout the week no matter how tired, busy, or frustrated I become.  On Sunday night or Monday morning, I write my workout or running goal for each day of that week and on super busy days, I even list what time I am going to get it done.  The pic below shows Week #7 which was still wrestling season.  I had to totally rearrange the weekend so that I could make sure to leave the boys’ wrestling tournament days open!


I love this little planner and hope I can find another one like it for next school year.   I got it at Target (surprise!) and since it goes from June to June, it will soon be time to get one for 2017-2018.  It’s perfect for helping me to juggle family, school, and running!

And now for a PROUD MOM Moment. . .

My son Hunter was in Virginia Beach this past weekend wrestling for NHSCA Sophomore Nationals.  He had a bracket of 100 or more kids and ended up placing 6th.  So proud of him for all the hard work he puts into wrestling throughout the year, and especially for having fun and doing his thing out there on the mat this weekend!




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