Another Month Closer to Cayuga Trail 50!

Just taking a moment to soak it all in.

The more miles I run each week, the less time I have for blogging!  But…it feels amazing to look back at a full year of running.  You can see the drop off in miles after my first 50K in April.  Since I went into it under-trained coming off of an injury, I did not train for anything during the months that followed.  I just ran a few trail half marathons and then started base building for 50 mile training in the fall.  This is truly the most fun, and most well-balanced training cycle I’ve ever attempted.  Feeling proud of the work I’ve been putting to make this goal a reality!   Looking at the difference between February and March makes my increase in hunger seem totally logical now.  Haha!

Raising the bar every month.  It isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it.  

What you don’t see on that bar graph are my cycling miles.  I did 34 this month and plan to ramp that up slowly along with my running miles for this race.  It’s a great way to flush out the legs….plus I like to watch running videos or healthy eating videos while I’m on the bike to pass the time.



Speaking of healthy food, it was grocery shopping day. I went to the discount grocery store, BB’s,  since I haven’t been in awhile and the produce selection was awesome!   It feels good to have a basket full of healthy fruits and veggies (and this is just the counter top!).  I also bought a ton of grapes, strawberries, and oranges.  I feel some food prep coming on this weekend 😉  Still eating a healthy diet, but definitely splurging more now that I’m running over 45 miles per week and having some serious cravings.  (That could be another post in itself!)



I’ve been really into oatmeal lately and have been wanting to try this Irish Oatmeal.  I couldn’t pass it up at this price.  It’s always good to try something new and mix it up a little bit!



Found these too @ $2 a box.  When you have two teenage boys, protein bars are a hot commodity.  I’m guessing they will get us through to at least next weekend…hopefully!



My current favorite way to make sweet potatoes.   Cut in cubes and roast in the oven with sesame oil.  Top with sesame seeds and you won’t be sorry!  They are seriously addicting.



And now I just have to leave you with this pic. . .


Doyle says, “RUN ALL THE MILES!”  He is a super fast sprinter but has no endurance 😉

Here’s to a weekend full of miles & smiles!

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