Tuesday Trails with Irish

Trying to get the good old boy out at least once a week and today was his day.  Irish will be 12 this summer, so we have to provide some modifications for his running.  For example, on hot days we always run along a creek so he can cool off and get multiple drinks on the run.  haha!  Nature’s water station.  Tonight I parked in the middle of the route I wanted to do.  This way he would have water access at all times 🙂  We did a mile one direction from the car and back (almost all along the creek), and then a mile the other direction and back.. . with a few stops for a short minute rest along the way.  He always goes out too fast for the first 1.5 miles and then ends up lagging behind the rest of the way!  It was a hot day for us (about 85 degrees) so we were both glad to run easy.

Cooling off in his happy place after the first 1.2 miles.  hahaha
First turn-around.  All of the logging on this side of the park stretches for miles to another nearby state park and it really makes me sad every time I see it.   


I guess I will no longer be playing gymnast on a balance beam anymore on this part of the trail.  I run this part regularly and all winter long there has been a huge grayish tree laying straight over this bridge.  I always had to stop, hop onto it, and balance my way across.  It actually became kind of fun and I think I’ll miss it!

First double-digit midweek long run tomorrow!  I think Irish will need a recovery day;)




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