New Shoes, New Insoles, New Races

I woke up early and drove to Pine Grove Furnace State Park to meet up with a group of local runners. We ran the last 11 miles or so of the Ironmaster’s 50K.  Some of those trails overlap with the ones I ran earlier this week so it was nice to have a new perspective on how they all interconnect.  It’s also so much fun sharing the outdoors on the trails with others.  I love to hear about races others have done, what they are training for, and all that fun stuff!

Wednesday’s run made it apparent that it was time to retire the old gray Lone Peak 3’s and get acquainted with a new pair.  See how much fun they’ve had already?  First run in them today and I could really feel the difference.

You aren’t having fun if your trails shoes aren’t dirty!

When I went to Appalachian Running Company yesterday to get my new shoes, I decided to also try out a pair of over-the-counter insoles.  I picked up the CurrexSoles Run Pro in a medium support, as recommended by the salesperson helping me.

They felt great when I first tried them on in the store with my shoe and even better on the run this morning.  I think they may be a good low cost alternative to the custom orthotics I’ve been using in the past, at least for trail running.

I’m hoping to get decent mileage out of the new insoles, so time will tell!

Below are the insoles I am replacing them with.  They are custom orthotics from a foot scan done by a chiropractor.  Yes, they are beat to hell.  I’ve been running with them on trails since I started trail running a few years ago, AND had used them for road runs for almost two years before that.  I don’t need as much support on the trails as I do on thee roads, so they did a good job but I think they also deserve to retire!


Last year before my first ultra I went to a physical therapist instead of a chiropractor to get custom insoles to replace the ones above.  Instead of scanning my foot they actually created a mold and made the ones below for me.  These will definitely hold up for YEARS I’m sure.  Unfortunately I just can’t stand to have them in my shoes for trail runs.  I tried running with them last year for the Ironmaster’s 50K and by mile 13 I couldn’t wait to get to the next aide station to switch out my shoes (which had the old beat up ones above in them). I needed relief!  The material is just too hard for trail running.  The benefit is they will hold up longer, but one of the things I love about trail running is the soft terrain under my feet.  These were just not working for me.  So I keep them stuffed into my road shoe for road runs instead.  They are perfect for that.


Why special insoles in the first place, you ask?

When I first started running (way back when a 5K was my goal), I had a lot of knee problems.  I tried everything and under the advice of a sports chiropractor, I had my foot scanned and tried the custom insoles.  My feet are just a tad flat so the arch support is what I needed.  My knee pain was resolved and it is a piece to my running happy puzzle that I’m not willing to chance!

New Race!

I was asked to join some local trail runners on their team for the Ragnar Trail Appalachians Relay in West Virginia!  I’m so excited about this.  I met some more of the team members today on our run.  It’s going to be a blast!  I’ve always wanted to do a Ragnar race but put it out of my mind when I started doing trails because I thought they were all road races.  I’m glad I was wrong!

Have you ever done a Ragnar Relay?

Do you use special insoles in your running shoes?



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