Long Run Cravings & Week #15 in the Books!

When I finally arrived back at my car today, after over four hours of running in mostly 80 + degrees and sunny weather, I couldn’t wait to grab a nice cold water bottle from the small cooler I had packed earlier that morning.  Thoughts of tortilla chips, salsa, ice cold lemonade, and popsicles had plagued my thoughts for the past hour.  My tired legs ready to be done, but my mind stronger than them, pushing myself as I ran the last 5 miles down the rocky technical trail to the Pine Plantation Parking lot.   I took my water over to the bench under the shady pines.  They beckoned me to lay there for a moment and reflect on my run.

My view from the bench!  Perfect blue skies today.  57 degrees when I started and 85 when I finished.

I had decided to start at Kings Gap and work my to Buck Ridge and then explore some of the trails that intersect it.  I had fun exploring!

Morning sun coming through the trees.  I have no idea what the blue speck is?
A new-to-me trail off of Sage Run.  

Just before the trail above, I crossed paths with a lost trail runner trying to scout out the Ironmaster’s 50K.   I directed him to the spot he was looking for and headed on.   I ended up seeing him again later when I stopped under the pavilions by the furnace stack to refill my Nuun bottle at mile 14.   There were a few hikers out today as well.

A rare less technical trail!


A view of the mountain through the logging on my way back up Buck Ridge to Kings Gap.  If there isn’t anything I can do about the logging tearing up the land near my trail I guess I can at least appreciate the view.

As I got in the car to drive home, I decided the lemonade craving had to be settled immediately.   I found this at Sheetz and it satisfied my craving perfectly!

I always want lemonade on hot runs.  I need to buy a few of these for my family to hand me during Cayuga or at least at the finish line!

When I got home, my husband asked what happened to me.  I guess I did look like a mess.  I had salt everywhere, dirt caked on my legs from my calves to the top of my socks, small red bumps on my arms, scratches on my legs and arms, and a two inch chafe spot on my back from where my tank didn’t cover the skin under my hydration pack. (Lesson learned there!).  The bumps and scratches were from my arms rubbing against brush and pricker bushes I think.

Other than tired legs, I feel really good. Especially after downing some tortilla chips and chipole lime salsa!  ‘m not overly tired like I was after yesterday’s run.  I’m glad I took it easier in the heat.   It was hard but there was a nice breeze for some of the time that helped.

Today’s Run Fueled by. . .

I fueled my run today with two bottles of Nuun, water, salted peanut butter pretzels, mini golden Oreos, Honey Stinger fruit smoothie chews, and a banana.  I had just enough hydration to get me through but it looks like a stop at the car for more water is going to be necessary if I run anything longer than this in these temps.  I also need to add more salty snacks.  A bag of crushed up tortilla or potato chips sounds perfect!

Week #15 Recap

Monday:  REST!

Tuesday: 4 trail miles with Irish, core 7 arms at home

Wednesday: 12 trail miles

Thursday:  6.2 trail miles with a buddy

Friday:  REST!

Saturday:  11 trail miles with group

Sunday:  23 trail miles

Lacking in the cycling and strength/weights/core this week, but . . . 56 trail miles is a little time consuming!

What do you crave on hot runs?




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