Mid-Week Check In

This week is going SO much better!  The back strengthening and hip opening exercise my chiropractor gave me has really made a difference in my mobility. And he said the words that all runners want to hear.  “Don’t hold back.  Just get out there and do your thing!” You don’t have to tell me twice!

I am a huge believer in chiropractic care and am so glad I went in last week. ( Dr. Lenny at Align Chiropractic, in case you didn’t read the previous post).  He is really good about finding and treating the root of the problem.  I thought I was going in for the start of IT band issues or hip issues and it turned out to be mainly the connection between my lower back and hip on the right side.  A cobra pose dynamic exercise, and lower back adjustment a few times so far and I’m back in the game. My first two adjustments, only one side of my back would crack, but today both did, which is a sign of balance returning and things staying loose which is awesome.

I ran 4 miles on the trails Monday in drizzly rain, and 7 miles in the pouring rain yesterday with Carl.  (How cool is it to have someone agree to run for over an hour in the pouring rain with you?).  We were literally the only people crazy enough to head to the trails that afternoon!  After the first 10 minutes or so we forgot about it anyway.  Some of my best runs have been in extreme cold, ice, snow, or pouring rain!

Having said that…I am definitely excited to have some sunny runs the rest of this week and to spend more time on the trails. Also, I’ll be volunteering at the start line for Ironmaster’s this Sunday.  I have never helped out at a race before and I love this one last year, so it should be fun!

Will I see you at Ironmaster’s on Sunday?

How is your week going?


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