Week # 17 of 50 Mile Training…Back in the Game!

I decided to continue on with my running plan as scheduled for this week despite last week’s unplanned rest, since it was a scheduled cutback anyway.  I’m happy to say things went very well this week and I am so hungry for a good LOOONNNNGG  run in the woods next weekend!  I cannot believe tomorrow is MAY!  Pretty soon it will be one month until Cayuga and that is just insane.

Last Training Week of April

Mon:  chiro appt & 4 trail miles

Tues:  7 trail miles in the pouring rain….BLISS!

Wed:  REST and chiro appt

Thurs:  6 humid miles on trails

Fri:  REST

Sat:  10 humid, steep, and rugged miles @ Colonel Denning (pics below)

Sun:  10 trail miles (7 @ Pine Grove and 3 @ Kings Gap with Boof)

**There was some core work and a day of weights but I can’t remember when!  My magic stretch the chiro showed me is still happening multiple times per day.  I have to do it at least 4 times a day and before/after runs.  It is working like a charm 🙂  **

Pics from Saturday’s Run @ Colonel Denning

Took Cider Path (steep climb for 0.65 miles to this deer exclusion area at the top of the mountain).  Passed a turkey hunter on the way up who was not happy to see me.  
This is how you get out of the deer exclusion area.  It’s a pretty run down along the ridge from here where I followed the Warner Loop to Tuscarora.
Has anyone else run past this creepy cabin?  
Wildcat Run (I think) which goes along the creek.  Really pretty and calming to listen to.  Who needs music when you have the sounds of nature all around you?
The route I took made it 5 miles to Flat Rock.  Overcast day but seeing all that green below and looking out over Newville never gets old!

Ran the steep 2 miles down from there to the campground parking lot and took the roads back to my car in order to avoid previously mentioned turkey hunter.  Of course his car was gone by then anyway.  Due to the humidity and maybe from not running last week, this run felt harder than it should but it also had some decent elevation.  I wish I could track the vert gain somehow but it was a great training run.  Quality over quantity in this case!

Volunteering for Ironmaster’s Challenge 50K and 15K

This was my first ultra!  Since it didn’t jive with my Cayuga training, I decided to volunteer in the morning.  I had a great time helping out.  Who doesn’t like being around other runners about to do something amazing!?  I got to see some friends before their races began, the helped with the 50K bag and 15K registration.  Then I was sent out to help at the 4 mile mark of the 50K where some runners were making a wrong turn, except by the time I got there the sweep was already done!

Finish line area waiting for 15K runners!

When I was done helping out, I decided to get some miles in while I waited for my friend Christy to finish.  (She ended up with a HUGE PR by the way!!!  So excited for her!)  So I ran up Buck Ridge and turned left at a grassy clearing to explore some new territory.  It ended up being an amazing trail with endless switchbacks up the mountain.  I had to turn around before I found out where the trail led, so I’ll definitely be back to check that one out soon!  It’s just a reminder how many trails have been left unexplored (by me) so far.  Even trails I’ve run past probably endless times.   Always something new to discover!

Check out that awesome single track lined with baby pines, wheat grass, and a few tall pines for good measure 🙂
A section of switchbacks.
Then home to get the old Pup for a short train run.  It was SOOOO hot and sunny so I made sure we ran along a creek the entire time and he took FULL advantage of this!
Water Stop #1.  hahahaha
Water Stop #4 of 6.  We only did 3 miles, but when you are going on 84 you need to stay cool!
Maybe we should all try this on our next hot trail run.  LOLOLOL….take a dip in the creek and then rub your body all over the dirt and leaves and grass to stay cool.  

Congrats to all of my friends who ran Ironmaster’s.  It was so great to see all of you at the race!



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