Snacks I’m Loving Lately…and Goodbye, April.

Let’s Talk Snacks!

I’ve been routinely buying the same types of things each week so I thought I’d mix it up this past week.  Instead of my usual staples of almond butter, almond milk, and plain Greek yogurt, I decided to try some new things.

Have you heard of Quark?

It’s actually a type of cheese, not yogurt, but it is really good and a great source of protein.  I only ever found it at our discount store, BB’s, but I hear it can be found at Target.  I’m going to check next time I go.

We’ve had the key lime before and it was okay, but I really enjoyed the vanilla bean.


This was my favorite and another great source of protein!  It is really creamy and the vanilla bean flavor is really like no other.  It even had a slight crisp to the vanilla bean speckled inside.  I can’t explain it any other way, but I’m definitely buying these more often.  I also tried the strawberry and ligonberry flavor.  That was good too!  Their fruit flavored have berries that are native to Iceland, so it’s something unique and different for a snack.  Check out their website:  Icelandic Provisions.  I found them at Giant and can’t wait to try some more flavors.


Cashew Butter

I absolutely love my almond butter but had to try this instead for a change.  Much creamier as you can probably imagine, and I’m still using it in the same way….on toast with honey, in oatmeal, on top of french toast with honey, etc.  I’ll go back to almond butter when this is gone, but I do like it and will probably switch up the two every now and then.



I usually buy a carton of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and had to try this almond and coconut mix.  I drink it once in a while with breakfast plus I use it in some recipes.  When I make oatmeal, I do 1/2 cup oats and 1 cup of almond milk and cook it on the stove.   I also use it to make french toast and baked oatmeal.

This is REALLY good and I will have a tough time deciding whether to buy almond or almond with coconut from now on!  You get the taste of both flavors but nothing is overpowering.  I even liked it in my Kashi cereal.

Also, the side of the carton advertises that there is now Silk yogurt made from almond milk.  I definitely need to find this!  If you have seen it somewhere, be sure to let me know!

Where did you go, April?

Well here we are almost a week into May now.  Below is the recap for my training during April.  I really don’t think I ran roads at all.  Maybe 6 miles?  All trail and a few xc course miles.  Less than a month to Cayuga now.  Hotel is booked and I’m already visualizing crossing that finish line!



Favorite snack lately?

What kind of milk do you like?

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