Week #21 and Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC)

CRAZY…..but this time next week I will be in New York, and hopefully, a 50 mile finisher!

Taper this week started off feeling great, but by Friday night I was over it.  I was turning into a germophobic weather stalker.  😂  Granted it was WAY too early to start checking weather predictions, but when my race date showed up in the 10 day forecast, I couldn’t help but save “Ithaca, NY” in my weather app!  Hand sanitizer and oranges have been my best defense this week when I was sure I was going to come down with something.  I have also been seriously hungry ALL the time which makes no sense with my low mileage, but I know it’s part of the tapering madness!

Anyway, here’s how this week played out.

Monday: 5 mile cycling + lifting

Tuesday:  6 trail miles on the AT

Wednesday:  REST

Thursday:  4 trail miles

Friday: 6 mile hike on Buck Ridge with students on a field trip!

Saturday:  10 miles (We are at our cabin in the Poconos so I got a run in at PEEC.  We used to hike there with the boys when we lived here 5 years ago.   It was fun doing the trails as a runner now! And they are MUCH shorter than I remember😉😂).

Ridgeline Trail was only 3 miles according to my watch so I made it an out and back and did some of Scenic Gorge too.  Then finished with Tumbling Waters.
This was on Ridgeline Trail, and so much fun going down and back up!
I had never done the full Tumbling Waters Trail until today and never realized there was a waterfall this nice!
My first salamander sighting of the season😊.
Cloudy, but gorgeous view!


Sunday: REST, and planning a date with the ab roller and weights for core and strength!

The Taper Continues. . .

The 10 mile run today helped restore my spirits from my bad taper mood of last week… at least for now.  I only have a few super short runs before the Cayuga Trail 50 so I may be on the verge of insanity before Saturday.  Good thing it’s also the last week of school, so my work will keep my somewhat busy, I guess.  As soon as my Honey Stinger and Nuun orders get here I can start getting my race day things together.




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