August was a BLUR!

When I was nine years old, my brother and I were swimming in a hotel pool on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland.  My Dad took us there every summer for a fun getaway, and we have so many awesome memories from those trips.   One of my favorite memories of my entire childhood, in fact, came to me on my second long run of the holiday weekend.  I guarantee it is not what you are thinking.  You see, that summer evening, I was hanging onto the wall in the deep end, my brother Eddie by my side.  We had just finished racing back and forth in the pool, so we were taking a break when all of a sudden I let out a HUGE burp.  We didn’t have time to react because a few feet away was a married couple that had been lounging on the pool chairs, soaking up the sun.  The wife sat up and smacked her husband and said, “Honey!!!  You couldn’t hold that in?”  Eddie and I laughed hysterically at the prospect of my burp sounding like a grown man’s.

What does that story have to do with running, you ask?  Let’s just say eating chicken satay for lunch (basically grilled chicken thighs and a cabbage/carrot/red pepper salad with peanut soy dressing) was a horrible idea!  I officially dub Monday’s long run Burpfest 2017.   Plus, I owe you a funny intro story since I’ve been MIA!

What I’ve Been Up To

It has officially been one month since I’ve written a post…yikes!   August is always the busiest time of year for me as a teacher.  Getting myself ready for 90 plus students, and getting my own boys ready for a new school year is time consuming enough!  I certainly didn’t plan on this hiatus from the blog, but in the past month something had to take a backseat and so the blog took a hit (along with my strength training unfortunately).  I am definitely back and will try to keep with at least a weekly post to document my training.

I HAVE been running of course, although even my training took a small hit as I adjusted my weekly goals to meet the time I had available.   I was able to put in anywhere from 22-35 miles per week since I last checked in, including getting back to double long runs so I feel good about the training so far.  December will be here before we know it and the Devil Dog 100 awaits!

The absolute BEST thing I have to tell you about was the Ragnar Trail Appalachians race in West Virginia last month.  It was so amazing that it deserves its own blog post, trust me.  I am working on it and will publish soon.    Shout out to my amazing teammates if you are reading!  We are already considering another Ragnar for next year.  I’ve been gathering my thoughts on this one and want to make sure I get it right when I try to put into words such an awesome weekend!

Random Pics from the Past few weeks…

My go-to chill spot when I need to recharge.  Everyone needs one of those, right?
Good old AT, I will follow you anywhere…
Somewhere in the middle of my 3.5 hour run on Sunday.
Someday I will remember to buy myself some salt tabs.  Until then….CHIPS!


This wooden AT post will always remain one of my all time favorite scenes.  Those mountains are just calling my name the entire time I am running toward them!



Also trying to stay on top of fueling my body well.  Food prep Sundays have begun, although I totally missed this week.  It’s so nice to have home cooked meals ready to eat throughout the week so I’m definitely planning to do it whenever possible!

Current Training for Devil Dog 100

Measuring runs by hours on the the trail for weekend long runs and fitting in whatever mileage I can during the week is the game plan.  Trying to keep 2 running rest days because it’s what my body needs, and working on fueling every 40 minutes.  That’s where I’m at so far!

This past week I ran 4, 6, 6 during the school week, and the hours I had planned for the weekend equated to a 19 and 12 back to back on Sunday and Monday.  It was certainly nice to have a four day weekend to recharge and get everything in!

Special shout out to Denise who I ran into tonight at the Big Spring/Boiling Springs cross country meet!  Thank you so much for the compliment.  It truly made my day and makes me happy that you thought of me when talking with others who struggle to fit in workout/running time.  It is definitely a struggle some days but so worth it!

How was your August?

Any other teacher/runners out there?  How do you handle the back to school chaos?

Any favorite food prep meals to share?



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