Week # 3 Training & Random Pics

My husband and I were reminiscing over a small Jamaican restaurant we used to order from every now and then when we lived in the Poconos, so  I decided to spend a few hours in the kitchen on a rainy evening putting together this Jamaican meal.  It helped with fueling up before my weekend mileage, too!

Jamaican jerk chicken, coconut milk rice, coconut Jamaica bread, and mango jalepeno salsa.

The homemade bread was a hit and we still have some in the freezer for another day.


The salsa was amazing.  It also has avocado in it and was so easy to make.


This is how we spent two of our afternoons/evenings last week.  Parking cars at the Shippensburg Fair for the Newville Wrestling Association.  It was hot out there!


I had to go back to this lake for a run early last week since Jeff and I had walked it with the dog.  It is exactly 3.7 miles around, so it makes a nice option for a weekday run.  Plus it’s not too far from the house.

Opossum Lake

This is from a new-to-me section of the AT, a couple of miles out of Caledonia heading south.


This is a scene from the Koppenhaver Trail in Pine Grove.  It’s only a mile around but I always try to add it to my runs there because it is so gorgeous.


This little mole was making his way across the AT out of Pine Grove.  I was so close to crushing him with my foot because I didn’t see him!



Monday:  rest

Tuesday:  6 trail miles

Wednesday:  5.5 trail miles, core & strength

Thursday:  5 road miles

Friday:  legs and some upper body @ gym

Saturday: 12 trail miles

Sunday:  7.5 trail miles



How were your runs this week?

Do you have a favorite salsa recipe?